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We’re all different. Cook + Cure is the first app that takes into account your unique combination of medical conditions, minor ailments, health goals, allergies + diet preferences to give you tailored results.


Cook + Cure holds a wealth of knowledge. It’s the first app that brings together nutritionists, doctors, herbalists, naturopaths, dentists, specialists in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, and more. Find information based on hard-science as well as traditional medicines and remedy reviews written by people who share your health concerns.


A doctor of Chinese Medicine might suggest very different foods and herbs than a nutritionist but you’ll find there are some things they both agree on. Items are weighted by how many practitioners recommend them, how beneficial (or not) they are for your each of your combined health concerns, and how high other app users have rated them.


Most nutrition apps focus just on nutrients and tracking food. Most natural health apps are remedy-heavy. Recipes apps are usually just recipes and don’t offer more than a few diet preferences… We offer a holistic approach. We help you find foods, herbs, supplements, vitamins, remedies, recipes, lifestyle changes, yoga classes, exercises, meditations, and more. And the best thing is, everything is tailored to your unique profile.


It’s a whole new way to cook! Find recipes that use the healthiest ingredients for you. Read the ingredient list and find out why specific ingredients are especially beneficial for your different health concerns. All the recipes are hand-selected and come from passionate, talented food bloggers. Each recipes is integrated with Apple’s HealthKit so you can easily track your nutrient intake.


The interface is not what you typically see in the app store. We’ve worked hard to make sure Cook + Cure is visual, colorful, yet neatly packed with heaps of information. It manages to achieve a clean, vibrant, organic design that will make you feel healthier just using it!

Cook + Cure App Design & Interface

Wondering if a certain food is right for you? Use the Search Foods feature to see if a food is rated beneficial or not for your various health concerns.


Share information with friends and family even if they don’t have the app! You can export a custom infographic of the best + worst foods for their unique profile, and email it to them. They can stick it on their fridge or keep it on their phone for a quick reference.

Next to each bite-sized chunk of information, you’ll see the name, face, and title of the expert quoted. Tap on their face to read more about the practitioner’s background, their credentials, their books, their philosophy and contact info.

We’ve chosen very qualified practitioners. Some of them have graduated from Cambridge and written a dozen books, some are renowned experts with celebrity patient lists, and others have small practices but are passionate about helping a wider audience.

Cook&Cure qualified practitioners
Cook&Cure qualified practitioners

Cook + Cure has the potential to help anybody with a smartphone interested in eating for their unique needs. If you have more than one health factor to consider, Cook + Cure offers help that other apps can’t.

Our hope is that Cook + Cure will be especially beneficial to women and people suffering from chronic health conditions responsive to diet and lifestyle changes. According to the CDC chronic diseases (like obesity, arthritis, and heart disease) are the most common, costly and preventable health conditions. About 50% of the adult American population (117 million adults) has a chronic health condition and roughly 25% of adults have two or more chronic health conditions.

That said, you don’t need to have a chronic health condition to use Cook + Cure. We’r launching with 80+ common health conditions, with the plans to expand to 100+ conditions by March 2017. While most of the health concerns in Cook + Cure cover both genders, we’ve given special attention to women’s health issues. A number of our experts like Dr. Marilyn Glenville Phd and Sebastian Pole, specialize in women’s health issues.

We’re releasing our iOS version on January 4th, 2017 and the Android version in April 2017.

We plan on releasing a web app autumn 2017 and a pro, white label version for dieticians and nutritionists coming out in early 2018.

Cook + Cure can be used by more than just one person. You can input the health conditions of your whole family, and see which foods and recipes are best to share together. It’s also great for figuring out what to cook for picky dinner party guests!

We also have a feature that helps you share information with friends and family even if they don’t have the app! You can export a custom infographic of the best + worst foods for their unique profile, and email it to them. They can stick it on their fridge or keep it on their phone for a quick reference.

The biggest challenge was figuring out a way to present this massive amount of information in a simple, digestible format. The interface needed to be beautiful and clean but bursting with information. We think we achieved that goal!

It was also a challenge to develop the algorithm that powers the app. As we expand our database of foods and health concerns, we’re constantly refining the algorithm to make it powerful and pertinent.

The concept for Cook + Cure was born from our own life experiences – our personal journeys as patients recovering from illness, as digital consumers seeking to improve our lives through technology, and as foodies with a passion for eating and sharing beautiful, healthy food.

We wanted to know which foods + supplements are best to take when you have multiple health factors to consider?

Doing your own research online is time-consuming and frankly, overwhelming when you’re trying to account for more than one health concern. Not to mention, you can’t always trust the source of the information you find online. No app, website, or online resource helps you find information accounts for your multiple health factors. So we thought we’d make the first.

Kait, Ben, and Emma were raised in somewhat unconventional households of their day where they were exposed early on to the value of organic food, natural remedies, and alternative health care. Having multiple members of the family who had to deal with serious health conditions, including themselves, and seeing firsthand the lack of holistic care provided by conventional medicine, they became increasingly interested in natural medicine and invested in taking more responsible for their own health and wellbeing.

Ben’s journey was an especially powerful experience for the family. Ben was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 19. After the initial diagnosis of M.S., he was losing vision and unable to feel his body. He found the medical advice from his neurologist was lacking, there was not much they could tell him about lifestyle changes or nutrition. The only option he was offered was expensive pharmaceutical injections that had side effects and were only a short term solution. As Ben lost feeling in his entire body and his vision blurred, he became increasingly frustrated with his deteriorating health. He turned to the family naturopathic doctor who gave him useful information and began natural treatment. Through diet changes & alternative medicine, he drastically improved his health & learned to manage his condition. His experience turned him into a passionate advocate of the power of nutrition and alternative medicine.

The idea for the Cook + Cure app came to co-founder, Kait Husmann, when she was trying to figure out what she should be eating for her own health worries. Shortly after her husband was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, she was bitten by a tick. She was struggling trying to find which foods she should eat to support her immune system against a possible Lymes infection but she was also looking for advice about which foods she should be eating or avoiding for her PCOS, anxiety, dental cavities, and candida. She was overwhelmed with the amount of information available online and knew it could be simpler.

She joined forces with Ben and they made it their mission to make tailored nutrition and natural health information easily accessible for everyone.

Cook + Cure Ltd. is an Irish-based start-up based in beautiful West Cork.

Besides the jaw-dropping beauty and the rich quality of life, Cork also offers a vibrant start-up community in a country ranked by Forbes as the best for doing business in 2011.

Cook + Cure started as a family business, co-founded by siblings Kait Husmann and Ben Smith and their cousin, Emma Hagan. We’re in the New Frontiers accelerator program with our main offices in Cork City, Ireland although you’ll find members of the ever-growing team working remotely from their homes in Montana and Hawaii.

Kait - Cook + Cure Co-founder


I’m a creative consultant turned app designer, originally from Montana. I graduated with my B.A. from the University of Portland and spent a good chunk of my student years abroad. A surprising twist of fate left me with an extra-long visa in Ireland. I fell in love with the incredible country, the unbelievably friendly people, and a handsome German man. I later returned to Ireland and set up shop here.

My background as a professional photographer led me to dabble in design and filmmaking. I poured my heart into designing Cook + Cure with the intention of making this information-loaded app as simple, organic, and intuitive as possible.

My journey down the natural health road started early. My mom became really sick when I was about ten years old after a chemical injury. It was during that time that our family began eating organic food and visiting alternative care providers. Watching my brother Ben’s recovery from M.S. was an especially impressive experience that made me truly believe in the power of nutrition and natural medicine.

The idea for the Cook + Cure app came to me, when I was trying to figure out what I should be eating for her own health worries. Shortly after he was bitten by a tick, my husband was diagnosed with acute Lyme Disease. He had a big bullseye rash around his bite and still, we had to beg our local doctor to give him antibiotics. The doctor was unfamiliar with Lyme Disease, an infectious neurological disease caused by the bacteria Borrelia. Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic in the US and Europe. It wasn’t until we convinced the doctor to do a bit of Googling did he prescribed the necessary dose of antibiotics needed to stop the infection.

A few weeks after the incident, I was bitten by a tick myself. Only 70% of people who contract Lyme Disease have a bullseye rash. I didn’t have the telltale rash but I did have have a big red circle and it was the itchiest tick bite I’ve ever experienced. There’s no early test for Lyme Disease and there’s a narrow window in which you can take a very strong dose of antibiotics.

I had no way of knowing if I had Lyme Disease for certain. Even though my husband had a textbook case of Lymes, it took insistent effort to get the him his medication. It seemed my only option was to try do everything I could to support my body naturally – beginning a strict anti-bacterial cleanse.

However, Lymes wasn’t my only health concern. I was struggling trying to find which foods I should eat to support my immune system against a possible Lymes infection but I was also looking for advice about which foods I should be eating and avoiding for my PCOS, anxiety, dental cavities, and candida. To make things more complicated, I was vegetarian at the time. I was overwhelmed trying to do my own research online and frustrated that no app or website existed where I could just punch in all my different health concerns and find out which food and herbs I should be taking. I knew it could be simpler.

That’s when the idea came to me – I needed to create an app that accounted for multiple health factors. It became my mission to make tailored nutrition and natural health information easily accessible to everyone.

Ben - Cook + Cure Co-founder


Hello, my name is Ben, co-founder of Cook + Cure. I like to travel, read, and spending time in the mountains. I attended college at the University of Montana where I majored in Psychology with an area of emphasis in Pre-Med.

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The recommendations I got from my neurologist were expensive and only offered a short-term fix. My vision became increasingly blurry and I lost sensation in my entire body. It wasn’t until I visited my naturopath that things began to turn around. He gave me helpful information and support that I desperately needed. Most importantly, he gave me hope that I could improve my health, naturally and sustainably. I’ve managed my health since then with nutrition, alternative medicine, and lifestyle changes.

My own recovery experience was a motivating factor for creating Cook + Cure. When my sister Kait told me the initial concept for Cook + Cure, I knew it had the potential to help so many people, myself included. Together, we refined the concept, driven by our mission to bring high-quality, tailored, natural health information to as many people as we can to help them achieve the level of health they desire.

Emma - Cook + Cure Co-founder


I was lucky enough to grow up in the small eccentric town of East Glacier, just outside of the beautiful Glacier National Park. My life has been shaped largely by my time traveling and creating music. Natural medicine has played a transformative role in my life. I’ve struggled over the years with adrenal fatigue, migraines, and debilitating period pain. I don’t know where I’d be without my naturopath and the internet![/fusion_text

When I first heard the idea of merging expert natural health advice with crowd-sourced remedies, I knew that we were talking about a revolutionary tool that could radically change the way people manage their health. I knew that I wanted to help make it happen and I joined my cousins, investing in Cook + Cure and working remotely from Kauai.

Cook + Cure Ltd. is an Irish-based start-up based in beautiful West Cork.

Besides the jaw-dropping beauty and the rich quality of life, Cork also offers a vibrant start-up community in a country ranked by Forbes as the best in Europe for doing business in 2011.

Although we’re based in Ireland, you’ll find members of our team working remotely from their homes in Montana and Hawaii.

Cork, Ireland
Yes. It’s since expanded but Cook + Cure started as a family business founded by brother and sister, Kait and Ben, and their cousin Emma.
Cook + Cure’s holistic functionality is unique, making it hard for direct comparison but it can best be compared to:

  • Natural Health Apps (Cures A-Z, Cures, Earth Clinic)
  • Nutrition Apps (Fooducate, Rise, Nutrients)
  • Healthy Recipe Apps (Green Kitchen Stories, Yummly, Spark Recipes)
  • Illness Specific Apps (Acid Reflux Diet, Glucose Buddy, Headspace)

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Privacy is very important to us and we’ve designed the app in a way that keeps your information absolutely confidential.

All of your selections within the app are completely private – none of your selections are stored on our servers. Your selections are encrypted and stored locally on your phone. None of our staff, let alone an outside entity, is able to view your selections. We cannot see your health concerns, your health goals, nor your diet preferences.

When you make your selections, a request is sent from your phone to our servers. The information is anonymized before it reaches us – so we can tell that someone selected Diabetes, IBS, and Anti-aging; but we can’t associate that selection with any user or email address.

The only information that is not anonymized is your email address, username, and photo. This information cannot be anonymized or we would not be able to reset your password or manage your account.

Absolutely not. Cook + Cure is a powerful tool that can be used by nutritionists, doctors, and dieticians. In fact, we’re building a pro, white-label version that will help make their jobs easier.

Cook + Cure is for people looking for instant answers at an affordable price. Nothing beats the personal, supportive touch you receive from your nutritionist or dietician.

We plan to launch an Android and iPad version of the app this Spring. We’ll soon offer a web app and browser plug-ins.

We’re creating a B2B, white-label version of Cook + Cure for nutritionists and dietitians in early 2018.

We’re working on a pregnancy app designed to help women work through their pregnancy symptoms naturally.

Right now, we’re only offering Cook + Cure in English but we’ll soon localize to German, Spanish, and French.

After that, Total World Domination. Just kidding, we just want to help people feel a little better.